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“You must learn some of my philosophy. Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.”

My name is Emma. I was named after the Jane Austen book of the same title. She penned the above quote in perhaps her best known novel, Pride & Prejudice

I am a Bachelor of Arts/Communications in Media & Material Culture graduate from the University of Sydney.

I have experience as a radio and online content producerjournalist, photo journalist, filmmaker, writer, shadow radio producer and newsreader.

I am also a regular lecturer on digital strategy and online media at Macleay College, Sydney.

I take photos, I write about life, I wear bows in my hair, I love colourful plaid and scarves.

I have had some amazing experiences so far in my career. I’ve made films for artists and bands on the brink of stardom.

I’ve spent time in Greece and the Middle East documenting archaeological digs, and working as a humanitarian.

Since April 2016, my weekly highlight continues to be the stories I file for Australia’s only national newspaper: Crinkling News.

My travels around the world have impressed upon me a deep love of languages. Every year, I challenge myself to learn a new language to strong enough fluency in order to read a book in that language.

So far, I have read Alice in Wonderland in Turkish and The Little Prince in French.