One very rainy Australia Day (January 26th 2015), in the 2GO107.7 FM studio with 2014 The Voice finalist Sabrina Batshon.

I parked my car across the street, trudged to the studio door with camera at the ready then proceeded to wait, in the rain, for the door to be opened. Soggy and disorientated, I was guided through the labyrinth of studios towards the sound of laughter.

It was tea time.

Sabrina Batshon sat at the sound engineer’s desk and stood to greet me as I arrived. If you’ve ever met me, or perhaps even seen a photo of me within any sort of scene to draw perspective from, you would know: I am small. If I am not the shortest person in the room, it’s probably because I am in a preschool.

Despite her six inch wedged heels, Sabrina Batshon made me look tall.

But, what she may lose in physical stature, she very much makes up for in fullness of voice.

Sabrina has an amazing voice, she effortlessly reaches across several octaves – a range I would have, prior to meeting her, insisted was beyond human capacity.